Vermouth & Specialties



Visual Exam
The color is intense, with warm amber shades and golden hue donated by saffron.

Olfactory Exam
Intense and aromatic.

Taste Exam
Complex, balanced and well structured on the palate. Lively bitterness with a final long and persistent taste.

Primary Ingredients
Herbs and spices.

Production Process
Fernet Gancia is a liqueur made out of herbs and spices, from the most different regions of the planet. The main herbs and spices are: china, gentian, saffron, mint and licorice which are placed with others herbs in a base of ethyl alcohol to produce an alcoholic infusion. AIl these components become part of the secret Fernet Gancia formula. The product thus maintains the digestive properties of the herbs.

Alcohol Content
40% vol.

Always considered the digestive ‘par excellence‘, it is usually served after a meal, at room temperature, in the classic glasses with a thick and heavy bottom. New ways of consumption have recently being explored, especially among the younger generation: cold Fernet, with the addition of ice soda or ginger ale or even Coca Cola.

Service Temperature